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If you are new to the chantry, the following is the speech and orientation that Regent Caldwell will give you:

Introduction Speech -

Apprentice <insert last name>, Welcome to the St Louis Chantry. Let me lay down some ground rules to ensure your continued success in the clan and city.

1. You will address me and other apprentices by their formal titles. I am to be called Regent Caldwell within the chantry, or Ms. Caldwell outside the chantry.

2. If anyone higher in rank within the Chantry gives you an order or task, you will obey without question.

3. You will performed assigned chantry tasks without complaint or question.

4. You will not disturb me while I am studying. I will be available at regular intervals for Chantry issues and discussion. The scheduled time is Friday, at 10 pm.

5. If there is an emergency that needs attended to between schedulings, please relay it to Enish, my humble servant.

6. Apprentice Creed serves as Clan Whip and will aid you with any further orientation. Apprentice Creed will also make arrangements for your introduction to Prince Filitov.

At this point, Regent Caldwell will show you a tour of the chantry, the building is a historic house nestled next to the Washington University Campus, formerly it was a fraternity house. The yard and surrounding grounds are very green, with winding paths that take you to several entrances in the chantry. The gardens are easy to become lost and confused in, and though there are stairs that lead to a deck in the rear of the building, you may find it difficult to find them by walking around the building. A gnarled tree guards the entrance of the garden, once you pass this tree, you may easily become lost unless you know how to read the signs.

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Regent Lenora Caldwell

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