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Homunculi: For menial laboratory tasks, a Tremere can rely on a ghoul or apprentice, buch such intelligent servitors usually resent dirty work. Instead, experienced thaumaturges create their own servants, grotesque animated creatures called homunculi.

A homunculus is created with the ritual Soul of the Homunculus. Because they are artificially created, they are unfailingly loyal; homunculi are prefered servants for work around chantries where Tremere possess the ability to create them. Of course, a homunculus also counts as a terrible breach of the Masquerade, so most Tremere leave these "pets" at home.

Enish belongs to Regent Lenora Caldwell. He is often heard scampering through the walls and empty spaces of the chantry. He does not communicate with apprentices of the chantry, though he speaks in chattering and clicking noises that only the Regent can understand.






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