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The chantry is located close to the campus of Washington University in downtown St Louis. Originally, the mansion was home to the Dean of Interdisciplinary Studies, but the position was removed 10 years ago, and the house sold by the university to the private sector. For five years it functioned as a fraternity house and then was sold again in 2002 when the chapter disbanded.


The chantry's main defense is a Gargoyle known as Raddix who arrived with Regent Caldwell. Raddix spends most of his time perched on the chantry's clock toward, hidden from view by Visceritika. Raddix keeps to himself and is rarely seen within the chantry walls.

The chantry is also filled with all kinds of wild plants and herbs and includes an outside garden with old trees. These trees can become animate (Awaken the Forest Giants) and defend the chantry.


All Tremere have access to the chantry. Upon arrival to the city, you are to report to the chantry (see orientation). You will knock on the front door and be admitted by Grace Prinn, a loyal servant of Regent Caldwells. Grace will take your transfer documentation and present you to Regent Caldwell.



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Regent Lenora Caldwell

Grace Prinn
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