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So, you've decided to play a Tremere..... This site will help you learn your way around the St Louis chantry, so you can meet the cast of characters that you will run into. It also serves as a resource for Tremere related abilities and ideals.

If you are just gettting started, and you have a shiney new character approved with the Tremere stamp on it. Start with the orientation package. When you arrive at the chantry, Regent Lenora Caldwell will give you a tour of the chantry and outline the expectations she has for all apprentices.

If you've been playing a Tremere, you'll also need to review the orientation package as it contains documents to help you get an idea of what's going on with the new order.

A Brief History

The St Louis Chantry has been unstable for the last year. Lord Hart recently visited and appointed Adrienne Widow as a provisional Regent, Adrienne Widow received her transfer papers 2 weeks after the appointment, it is safe to say that she failed to meet the Lord's expectations. Lord Hart, in an effort to stabilize and bring order to the Tremere in St Louis has sent his childe, Lenora Caldwell to bring order to the St Louis branch of the Tremere. Given the failures in the past, Lenora very much intends to please her sire, and will go to great lengths to ensure that the Chantry is running as it should and the Tremere are aligned with Clan Goals.






Orientation Package
Map of Chantry
Tremere Code
Circles of Mystery

Camarilla Information
Anarch Source


Regent Lenora Caldwell

Grace Prinn
Lord Hart